Thoughts on Undertaker’s Streak Ending

I figured one day, probably Undertaker’s last match ever, he MAY lose at WrestleMania.. but even then I expected it to be a lead up like it was for Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair where people had a sense this was their last match and it was with someone respectable. Even then I expected The Undertaker to kind of walk off with all those guys in the black cloak and kinda just nod farewell in a moment of silence before going back stage or something. I DEFINITELY never imagined for the winner to be celebrating like the douche Brock Lesnar plays.¬†ALSO, if it was Undertakers last match I would expect it to be THE MAIN EVENT no matter who’s going for the championship.

What WWE has done is just all wrong. Brock Lesnar is not worthy of ending the streak and it took away from all the matches afterwards which involved AJ Lee as a victor and Daniel Bryan. Both people who I love and thought they deserved their WrestleMania moment. And the fact that the match was boring and there was no lead up to it what so ever besides the fact that it was just suppose to be another great match with Undertaker defending his streak.. was ridiculous.

Everything about it was wrong and it kinda ruined this Wrestlemania for me. Didn’t even care that Daniel Bryan won really because it was so obvious it was going to happen ESPECIALLY after Taker lost. You just couldn’t have Taker and Daniel Bryan lose at WrestleMania because people would probably stop watching WWE (because that’s how some people are)

Undertaker was the reason I started watching WWE and was actually the first person I ever saw wrestle on TV and even though I’m sure he must of agreed to this, I’m very upset with how this was treated. Even if he ASKED to lose his last match, they should’ve pulled the type of thing they did on Bret Hart and had him win because he deserves to go out with the streak and deserves to know that. Every great wrestler has had their thing, this was Undertakers.